The Higher 教育 Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires that postsecondary institutions participating in the Federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to enrolled and prospective students, 父母, employees and the public.

The information provided here is to comply with this Federal requirement.  工作人员 in the Office of 金融援助 and Office of Equity and 合规 can provide paper copies of any of the information listed below. 

Office of Equity & 合规
Warner Hall, Suite 2113
2504 9th 大道
Kearney, NE  68849

Office of 金融援助
2510 11th 大道
Kearney, NE 68847 


Academic Programs:


本科 Catalog



Activities the school offers:



认证 and licensing of the institution:

认证 历史


Institutions authorized to operate in Nebraska


Alternative (Private) 教育 Loans

教育al Loans


应用ing for 金融援助, Criteria for Selecting Recipients and Award 信息


Types of 金融援助 


Arrangements with other institutions to provide instruction:

Pre-radiologic 技术


Athletic programs participation and graduation rates and financial support data. (Equity in 体育运动 Data). Graduation rate data is based upon a six-year graduation rate. 


Availability of State Grant Assistance:


Nebraska Opportunity Grant


Crime Statistics, Campus Security Policies, and Logs

Annual Campus Security and Fire 安全 Report (Clery Report) (PDF)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program



Crime Reporting Form (silent witness report)

Campus Security Authority (CSA) and Statistical Report Form

Missing student notification


Code of Conduct for 教育 Loans

Copyright 信息 and Peer-to-Peer file sharing policies


College Navigator Website


Completion or Graduation Rates, Diversity of the student body, Retention rate


Contact 信息 for Filing Complaints with Accrediting, licensing or any other relevant state official or agency


Constitution and Citizenship Day


成本 of Attendance:

本科 成本



Entrance Loan 咨询


Exit Loan 咨询




Family 教育 权利 & Privacy Act (FERPA)


Net Price Calculator


Instructional Personnel:

本科 教师

最大的菠菜的平台 教师


Officially Withdrawing from 体育菠菜大平台


Placement rates:

College of 业务 and 技术 Placement Stats

Health Science Placement Stats




Reimbursements for service on advisory boards


Reporting Sexual Misconduct


权利 & Responsibilities of 金融援助 Recipients


Satisfactory Academic Progress


Self-Certification Form (Alternative Loans)


Services and facilities for students with disabilities


Student Code of Conduct:




Teacher Preparation Report


Textbook 信息


及时的警告 & Emergency Notifications:


Title IV Credit Arrangements

Select exclusive contracts and then Executive Summary of First National Bank of Omaha Banking Services License and ATM Agreement.


Title IV eligibility for Studying Abroad


转移 Credit Policies


Treatment of Title IV Aid When a Student Withdraws


Tuition Refund Schedule (Refund Policy) 


Vaccination Policies (Immunizations)


Voter 登记